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Let the fragrance linger in the home-a guide to buying essential oils


Let the fragrance linger in the home-a guide to buying Essential oils

How important is it to have a bottle of Essential Oil at home? Imagine if your male god said he was coming to visit at home today, the peculiar smell when he entered the door was a serious one. You who wanted to work hard to brush up your good impressions, did not give you a negative score, even if you are very gentlemanly demeanor. Imagine again that you originally planned to call your friends to come to the house for a late-night conversation, but there is a lot of smell at home, where is the mood to talk, it is better to get out of the door and breathe in the fresh air. One can imagine how disappointing you are at this time!

Therefore, as a literary home enthusiast, a bottle of household aromatherapy essential oil is absolutely indispensable. So, how to incense, and which essential oils are suitable for incense at home? Today, the editor is here to share with you your own experience of buying aromatherapy, arranged in order according to the different effects of different Aromatherapy Essential Oils, you can choose according to your needs.

- 1 -
▼Lavender essential oil: Lavender essential oil has a wide range of uses. It has a calming, soothing and balanced effect. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and antidote. When you have a cold or cough, use lavender essential oil to incense to prevent secondary infections. It can also help sleep. Lavender essential oil is ordinary regardless of its packaging and bottle, but its effect is really not small. It smells with a sweet green grass fragrance and soft floral fragrance, which can relax the mood and delight the body and mind!

- 2 -
▼Rose essential oil: It can broaden your heart and resist depression. It is an essential oil that is very suitable for use in the bedroom.

—3 —
▼Ylang ylang essential oil: Ylang ylang essential oil can relieve nervous tension, soothe anxious emotions, make people relax and calm, and also has aphrodisiac effect. Madagascar in the south of the Indian Ocean has a suitable climate and fertile soil. It is the main producing area of high-quality ylang-ylang in the world. The selection of this essential oil is here. It is an ideal choice for relaxing at night. Different exotic scents can help increase the boudoir's interest.

— 4 —
▼Citronella essential oil: with exotic flavor, it has the effect of invigorating the spirit and eliminating fatigue. In summer, the effect of deodorizing and repelling mosquitoes is also excellent.
Lemongrass has a special fragrance, which is very common in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asians often use it for psychotherapy and relaxation to relieve fatigue. Here we might as well learn from Thai people. Don’t have a Thai style. It’s worth mentioning that it repels mosquitoes. The effect is really good. In summer, babies who tend to attract mosquitoes can try it.

— 5 —
▼ Peppermint essential oil: Peppermint essential oil is cool and refreshing. It is a very good refreshing agent and can deodorize. It is suitable for summer use and not suitable for bedrooms. Come with a dozen of peppermint essential oils, what really makes you feel is the feeling of flying, it is very refreshing and refreshing, it is one of the essential oils for getting started~

— 6 —
▼ Eucalyptus essential oil: Eucalyptus essential oil is very good, can purify the air, is very helpful for respiratory discomfort caused by colds, especially suitable for places where the elderly and children live. The clear oily texture is easy to volatilize in the air and be absorbed by our body. It feels like a soft cotton candy like eating marshmallows. It is very comfortable and fresh. It is really difficult for babies who have not used it to experience it. It is worth trying~

— 7 —
▼Agarwood essential oil: to regulate qi, nourish the internal organs, run qi and blood, help eliminate brain fatigue, balance the body and mind, help the circulation of qi and blood, metabolize liver and kidney toxins, and enhance immunity.
The essential oil extracted from natural agarwood has a certain degree of penetrating power and strong lipophilicity. It can not only improve the air quality and the unique fragrance of the essential oils such as electric fumigator, but also the elegant taste at a glance. You can also carry it with you. The grid is very high.

- 8 -
▼Lemon essential oil: Lemon essential oil can restore the spirit and help clear the mind. It is a natural antibacterial agent, suitable for summer use.
This is the one I like very much because I really like lemons. I don’t know if there are still many lemon fans who are obsessed with it. Anyway, the editor’s love for it will never change, and this The price of this model is also very affordable. Lemon fans don't have to hesitate at all, they can start with it.
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