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Whether the air humidifier is available with an air humidifier?


There are more and more air Humidifiers on the market, and many people have great doubts about the role of air humidifiers. Whether the Air Humidifier is useful or not, how to buy the air humidifier, I believe this is a question many consumers have. Today we will give you a detailed introduction to these two aspects. hope its good for U.S..

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Is the air humidifier useful?

1. The weather in winter is dry. Especially after heating, getting up in the morning often feels dry mouth and sore throat, skin peeling and other symptoms. This is caused by air drying, and drying can cause many harms.

2, medical research shows that drying can accelerate the loss of water in the body, so that the skin fiber loses toughness and causes breakage, forming wrinkles that cannot be repaired, and accelerating the aging of the body.

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3, air dry easily cause respiratory diseases, especially vulnerable groups such as the elderly, children, dry environment is likely to cause asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and other respiratory infections.

4. Indoor dust and fly ash pollution is the carrier of influenza virus survival and transmission. Research by Waseda University in Japan pointed out that indoor dry germs are more likely to spread, and the indoor humidity is controlled between 45% and 65% RH, and the pathogen survival time is the shortest. .

5. Studies have shown that in a dry environment, furniture, books, or musical instruments can accelerate aging, deformation, and even chapped. Keeping the above items requires indoor humidity to be between 45% and 65% RH, while indoor humidity is much lower in winter. In this standard.

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Air humidifier purchase guide

1, the brand

The quality of some famous products or well-known trademarks is more secure.

2, variety

There are two types of humidifiers on the market today: ultrasonic and pure humidifiers. Ultrasonic type atomizes water by ultrasonic vibration to achieve uniform humidification. It is characterized by quick and effective humidification, relatively low price, and obvious spray. Pure humidifier, no spray phenomenon, no white powder phenomenon, no scaling, low power, air circulation system, able to filter air and kill bacteria. The reporter found in several large home appliance stores that most of the humidifiers on the Shijiazhuang market are ultrasonic type and pure humidifiers.

3, appearance

This year, the humidifier has a variety of appearances, such as rabbits, small walruses, golden pheasants, apples, etc., and has a shape of barrel or square or round, etc. The colors are blue, yellow, green, etc., suitable for children and The needs of other different groups of people, that is, beautiful and generous, are a good ornament in the house.


4, the price level

Seen from various electrical stores, the price of humidifiers this year is about 100 yuan to more than 500 yuan, and many varieties have special machines, there is a humidifier for only 99 yuan.

5, function

At present, the function of the humidifier on the market, in addition to humidification, also adds negative ions, oxygen bar, flavoring (a small box on the humidifier, can add perfume, Chinese medicine, flowers, etc.) and other functions, there is a humidifier is hot and cold fog Adjusted, hot fog can also be used for women's beauty.

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These are all the things we will introduce today about the usefulness of the air humidifier and the guide to the purchase of air humidifiers. I hope that through our introduction above, we can let everyone better understand the air humidifier. If you have other things you want to know about the air humidifier, you can pay more attention to our platform.

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